Redovisning Artist in Residence – Tanter

All nordic circus company Tanter is presenting their artist in residence at Cirkör Lab. The kompani has three members Karoline Aamås, Moa A Prescott and Elise Reine. The premiere of their show will be in the spring 2015 and we in Ruby Rose thinks its awesome to have another production with female artists, female director and female artist directors.

So on friday 28/11 at 14.00 at Cirkör Lab, Alby. Free Entrance.

Here is a message from Tanter:

”We are three Nordic artists presenting a full on female circus company. With two ropes and a swinging trapeze we are working with the contrast between the elegant and the hysterical, the brutal and the self-controlled. We swing between the impulses of meat and blood and the logistics of the brain, experiencing and sharing disasters and wonders. Scrubbing it bare to the bone.” /Tanter

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